This is Just a Tribute

The human mind is a wonderful mystery. The hacker mind is a fun mystery. The creativity of hackers continue to amaze me. As I was playing around on GitHub I noticed a project called Inception. I had recently seen Christopher Nolan's movie Inception which blew my mind. I have always liked Christopher Nolan's work (especially his take on Batman).

Inception, the movie, is a fascinating movie about the human mind, our dreams and then dreams within dreams, etc. The movie can be quite complicated to follow for those with a short attention span (I had been warned but didn't find it hard to follow, only hard to discuss and speculate afterwards).

So the software Inception, which I was merely interested in because of its title, was surprisingly (well for me) a piece of software related to the movie. Apparently, someone A. R. Karthick) wrote a small piece of software in C, which gives its user (through command-line) a programmatic representation of the movie, something similar to (although the programmatic representation is the code itself):

[Arthur] Fighting Fischers projections in level [2]
[Fischer] interacting with Mr. Browning in hijacked state at level [1]
[Eames] doing recovery on [Fischer] who is shot at level [3]
[Yusuf] while falling into the river triggers Arthurs fall in level [1]
[Arthur] experiencing a FALL in his dream at level [1]

This piece of software, which I would guess is, for this California hacker, as well as a tribute to Christopher Nolan, just a fun, little hack where Karthick is playing around with C and assembly, but still by sharing it with the world I was able to take a look at the software, and play around with it.

I was very pleased. A small hack like this would most often just remain on someone's computer, perhaps only shown to siblings or friends. But Karthick shared it with the world on GitHub (under GPL) and in the process gave me immense joy as I ran the software, looked at the output, looked at the code and contemplated about how fun hackers are. This little hack (which doesn't look useful at all, has even been forked by Chris Dickinson who has ported it to Mac OS X).

Free software is great and a large part of its greatness comes from the community of free software hackers. These playful hacks are just wonderful and make our community more fun to be a part of.

Creative Commons leyfi Silveira Neto